Elite Gaming Lounge

Fortnightly on Sundays 12:00-14:00



Fortnightly | Start 12:00 & Pick up is 14:00

New to the Elite Gaming Lounge for 2023 is our Fortnightly LEGO hub. After feedback from our community, we have now made our LEGO Hub even more accesable with a new earlier start time and lower entry price. LEGO enthusiast Rebecca Tuffin will be on hand to bring you more LEGO fun than you can shake a brick separator at.

This is a great opportunity for the local LEGO community to meet up and flex their kits, build their latest set or just practice being a Master Builder with our huge collection of LEGO.

We’re holding a LEGO swap shop where you can trade LEGO blocks with other LEGO fans or buy LEGO blocks from our LEGO Chest for just 10p

Rebecca Tuffin 1

We asked Rebecca for a bio and she sent this: “I’m a bit bonkers, I like to talk a lot. I struggle to search for the brick I need and it’s normally right in front of my nose. I love nostalgic LEGO 90s sets! In my spare time I normally play animal crossing and planet coaster, along with watching Barry Lewis and Stewart Ashens on YouTube! I also have a furry friend called Lilo who loves to build with me! She usually sits on the pieces of LEGO 🤣ouccch 😝

You’ll be able to book in advance to secure one of the 10 spots available for children and 10 for adults for just £5 for the two-hour session. So whether you’re an aspiring Emmet, full-blown Wildstyle or even… I’M BATMAN. Then the Elite Gaming Lounge is the new home of LEGO for you.

20 spaces available for all ages!


Maximum of 20 people per evening