Elite Gaming Lounge


Pokemon Hub

Weekly | Saturday starts 12:00

The Elite Gaming Lounge welcomes the North West Leicestershire and beyond Pokémon Community to use our venue as a central meeting place for new trainers, gym leaders and Pokémon Champions alike. Join us and your fellow Pokémon enthusiasts on Saturdays at 12pm for card trading and collecting; battles and raids on Pokémon Go and Pokémon Trading Card games.

Trading Card fanatics will be able to mega-evolve their collections by buying Booster Packs from £3.99; swap and shop our fainted Pokémon box full of single cards for just 10p and buy other Pokémon merchandise like Elite Trainer packs, sleeves and deck boxes.

For the avid Pokémon Go players, the Elite Gaming Lounge is perfectly positioned between a Pokestop and a gym, meaning you can relax with a drink while spinning the stops or battling. Within less than a minute’s walk there are a total of five gyms to capture and raid and 20+ Pokestops. Thanks to our central location in a town – there are plenty of Pokémon to catch.

For the casual Pokémon Trading Card players, you’ll find many new opponents to battle, and you could even earn the coveted Elite Gaming Lounge Gym Badge by defeating the resident Gym Leader Mike Rossell.

For the more serious Pokémon Trading Card players then you can join us on Thursday night for our Open Trading Card game night where you’ll be able to enjoy our barista style coffee, licenced bar and a meal from the burger artists at Smokeshack while meeting and battling other trading card game enthusiasts.

Find out more by visiting our Facebook pages. Elite Gaming Lounge and Tabletop @ Elite Gaming Lounge. There’s no need to book for the Pokémon Hub. You are welcome to come in and have fun.

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