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Miniature Painting Workshops


New to the Elite Gaming Lounge for 2023 is our Miniature Painting Workshops aimed at ages 11+ and all abilities, so if you’ve never even thinned down your paints or you’re just looking to hone your dry brushing skills, then we have the painting experts to help you.

Our Miniature workshops will take place every other Sunday, with each session open to four people for two hours for just £9 a session. You can book your spot now by clicking on the link below. Guests are asked to bring their own miniatures and supplies for each session, and they will receive tuition from our two resident painters, Joel and Ben.

We’re happy to introduce two new volunteers to the Elite Gaming Lounge Team, who’ll be your guides to improving your painting skills.

Joel Henry
Joel Henry and Ben The Paint Pot Gremlin - Miniature Painting Workshops at Elite Gaming Lounge - Coalville

“I’m Joel Henry, and I’ve been building, converting & painting minis for almost two decades now. I enjoy the creativity and find it relaxing.  I love chatting about the hobby and answering questions too. There’s always something new to learn and try out.”

“Hi, I’m Ben aka The Paint Pot Gremlin and I’ve been involved in the hobby for many years now. I find painting miniatures really relaxing and rewarding. I’ve been taking commissions for painting for many years now and producing highly detailed painted minis for other people. I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and skills.”

Ben and Joel will cover a range of techniques, with each session focusing on washing, sponging, dry brushing and basing to help you create a model that will stand out on the battlefield and sit proudly in your collection.

Once you’ve finished painting your models, why not join us on a Wednesday night for our Warhammer 40,000 and other Tabletop games night and flex your painting skills?

Please find out more about our tabletop gaming evening by joining our Tabletop @ Elite Gaming Lounge Facebook group.
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Maximum of 4 painters per session


A maximum of 4 painters per session.