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Join our friendly tabletop community here at Elite Gaming Lounge

Welcome to tabletop at elite gaming

Here at Elite Gaming, we encourage people of all skill levels to share their love of the game with one another!

Every day is an opportunity for fans from all over to come down to Elite Gaming Lounge to meet other fans and play their favourite tabletop games!

How our week looks...


Yu-Gi-Oh!- Regular tournaments every week with prize support, including full box giveaways and OTS support. We are an OTS Rank GOLD store!




Warhammer 40k/Wargaming- 8+ tables dedicated to our thriving Warhammer community. To book a table or register your interest, join our Facebook tabletop community page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/494872561066210/.


Open play for all our Board Games, Beers and Burgers evening with food from Smoke Shack Burger.


Friday Night Magic- Join our fastest growing community, Magic: The Gathering! Open to all formats including the hugely popular Commander format. As an official Wizards play store, we offer full promo support and prize giveaways with regular draft and pre-release events. All MTG stock available including Pre-Cons, Booster Packs etc. and accessories. 


Dungeons and Dragons/ role-play gaming nights. Join us for our fortnightly gaming sessions. Whether you’re looking for a new group or are part of a regular group wanting to play, this night is for you. Drop-in or to arrange a session with one of our Dungeon Masters, call or message us on our social media platforms. 

Join our Facebook tabletop community page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/494872561066210/.



Open play for all our Board Games.

Bar is open and bar snacks available as usual but please note Smoke Shack Burger is closed and therefore hot food is unavailable. 

There will be decks and help available for rookies to try the games for the first time! Feel free to bring your own decks too!

We will also be running our board games night, so ANYONE can come down and have some old-school fun!

No need to book! You can just turn up on the day, but if you wish to let us know, please drop us a message!

For all things tabletop join in the community chat on our tabletop gaming Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/494872561066210/.